Twin Bridges Wines had its genesis in 2004 with a small group interested in wine and looking for something interesting to do. Janet Murray had started Winemaking at TAFE, the assignment being to make a barrel of wine at TAFE.  While not to be outdone, Jeff Fletcher, Christopher Bean and Roger Schmakeit made a barrel each of red in the shed.

Over time the amount of equipment grew, the shed grew, the technical and practical knowledge grew and number of people participating grew. We evaluated our property for a vineyard however the soils were not suitable requiring grapes to be sourced from various vineyards.

Following on from the initial red wine making, we begun making white wines followed by sparkling wine. With the wine cellars of family and friends overflowing we were prompted to gain our producer wholesaler license in June 2011.

By commercial winery standards, Twin Bridges is a tiny operation, producing around 500 quality cases per year, too small to warrant a cellar door.  With our storage facilities filling up fast, we decided to introduce our wines into the local farmers markets such as Warners Bay and Pelican Foreshore that we attend monthly. 

Why the name Twin Bridges? Our property is crossed by Buttai Creek several time necessitating 2 bridge crossings to access our house. The bridges are made using the old No1 Weighbridge from Newcastle Steelworks, unbolted to form "twin bridges".